Greece seized weapons suits, say diplomats

By AFP Source:Global Times Published: 2011-11-18 0:15:44

Greek authorities seized almost 14,000 anti-chemical weapons suits from a North Korean ship possibly headed for Syria but did not disclose the find for nearly two years, diplomats said on Wednesday.

The seizure was reported to the UN Security Council, which discussed the monitoring of nuclear sanctions against North Korea, diplomats said.

The Greek operation was carried out in November 2009, but only reported to the UN in September, a diplomat said in confirming the number to protect against weapons involved.

"It seems the shipment was headed for Latakia in Syria," a second diplomat said, noting that the Greek report to the council did not mention Syria.
"There is increasing concern because more and more of the violations before several sanctions committees seem to involve Syria."

 The UN Security Council ordered tough sanctions against Pyongyang after it staged nuclear weapons tests in 2006 and 2009.

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