Dragon Wisdom

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-1-19 19:03:37

To hope one’s child will become a dragon.

望子成龙 w3ng z@ ch9ng l5ng

The dragon is symbolic of people with great talent and virtue. This phrase refers to parents who hold lofty ambitions for their children.

The flood submerges the Dragon King’s Temple.

大水冲了龙王庙 d3 shu@ ch4ng le l5ng w1ng mi3o

In Chinese mythology, the Dragon King was revered as a spirit that controlled the water.  This phrase refers to conflicts that arise between people on one’s own side.

You can see the head of the dragon, but not its tail.

神龙见首不见尾 sh9n l5ng ji3n sh6u b% ji3n w0i

A dragon’s large size means it can never be fully viewed. This phrase means people can be secretive in their actions or words, usually withholding the whole picture.

A dragon is born to a dragon, a phoenix is born to a phoenix, but mice are born at the bottom.

龙生龙,凤生凤,老鼠生来会打洞 l5ng sh8ng l5ng, f-ng sh8ng f-ng, l2o sh^ sh8ng l1i hu# d2 d7ng

Children inherit their parents’ status. ”Dragon” children are born to the wealthy, while ”mice” children are born to modest, lower-class parents.

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