Luo Yufeng seeks a husband at Columbia University Published: 2012-2-5 16:12:00

Internet celebrity Luo Yufeng, or Sister Feng, was supposedly seeking a husband at New York-based Columbia University by handing out flyers recently. Her husband to be has to meet these criteria: Be between 25 to 31 years old, between 5.74 feet to 6.11 feet in height, and have graduated from a world famous school.

@光阴故事: Sister Feng is really a laughing-stock within fickle society. However, although she is from the lower class, she is gradually realizing her own dream.

@赵东方168: Her courage is admirable.

@王晓华amanda: Sister Feng's attempt in trying to find someone to marry at Columbia University has been spurned by many people. However, her independent spirit, as she never complains or gives up while in pursuit of advancement in her life, would be impossible for many people to accomplish.

@雪中的小红伞: Can you not disdain Chinese people?

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