High-end car: an increasingly notorious killer in China

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Among the numerous road accidents in China, a growing number of luxury cars come into the spotlight in some high-profile or notorious car accidents. They draw further concerns as more scandals get exposed, such as Guo Meimei who showed off her Maserati on her Sina Weibo account. The Global Times listed the notorious car accidents and scandals to present the phenomenon in China.

I. Luxury Cars in Notorious Road Accidents

BMW  Photo: CFP
Famous PLA singer says sorry for son's violent attack

Famous singer Li Shuangjiang Thursday apologized to a couple that were beaten by his son, after public anger swelled against the so-called 'rich second generation.'


Killer driver's jail term described as 'lenient' by victim's family

A speeding driver at the center of a police cover-up scandal after he killed a pedestrian has been sent to jail.
Mitsubishi Photo: baidu.com

Ferrari Photo:baidu.com
Ferrari crash information hushed up

Almost all online information about a car crash on Sunday, in which a man driving a Ferrari was killed and his two female passengers injured, has been deleted overnight, triggering suspicions as to the identity of the deceased driver.

High-end Cars in High-profile Accident

Magoton Photo: baidu.com

Name  Li Qiming
Age  23
Identity  son of a senior police official
Accident Date  October 16, 2010
Casualty  1 killed, 1 injured
Penalty  6-year in prison
Li, the son of the deputy director of the Baoding Public Security Bureau, struck two female students on the campus of Hebei University. Li earned notoriety after shouting at the scene of the accident, "Sue me if you dare. My father is Li Gang!"
Source: Global Times

List of Accidents Involving Luxury Cars in Recent Years
Luxury car involved  Casualty Accident
 Porsche  1 dead  

On August 4, 2009, Ma Fangfang, a 16-year-old girl, was killed by local resident Wei Zhigang when he drove his Porsche while drunk.

 Mitsubishi  1 dead On May 7, 2009, a young man, Tan Zhuo, was killed by Hu Bin, 20, who was speeding in his Mitsubishi.
 BMW  1 dead, 5 injured A 4-year-old boy was killed and five were injured when man named Gao Jing recklessly drove a borrowed BMW with his girlfriend in August 9, 2009.
 BMW  2 injured Beijing residents blocked two drivers from fleeing the scene where they beat a couple in a brawl in September 8, 2011. One of the drivers was Li Tianyi, the son of famous singer Li Shuangjiang.
 BMW  1 dead An official's son in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province is said to hit a motorist when he tried drifting tricks on May 15, 2011.
 BMW  6 injured Over 100 people in Wuxi blocked and smashed a white BMW in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province on March 11, 2012, after it hit 6 people and tried to flee the scene.
 Benz  1 injured A man beat a shop owner's 2-year-old girl after having a brawl with him, and he tried to leave the scene in his car while being circled by angered passers-by and neighbors in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province in September 18, 2011. When the police took him to the police car, he smiled to the crowd and said his father is the mayor.
Source: Global Times

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II. Luxuary Cars in Scandal


Guo Meimei interview sparks online outrage
Also elaborating on Humanity and Charity
The year in 140 characters
Netizens harbor doubts over online V-sign

RCSC steps into Weibo minefield

III. Luxuary Cars Show-off
30 Benz welcome Tibetan Mastiff

14:30 on Sep.9, two Mitsubish SUV followed by 30 black Benz rushed into Xianyang International Airport. People at the airport were shock by such a line of cars and were curious about what they were going to meet. When they saw the slogans on the car body, they realized that they special guest was a TIbetan Mastiff which cost RMB4,000,000.
Source: Global Times

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