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A clip from A Bite of China

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Recently, the documentary "A Bite of China", a Documentary of Chinese Food runs seven episodes and presents sophisticated high-definition images of delicious Chinese cuisine to hungry night owls, has beaten many TV series, becoming extremely popular on the microblog and turning into the hottest topic.

                           About the program

The program began shooting in March, 2011, and the production team went to various places in China to present audiences with the stories behind food and the culture it contains.

"The content of the program can be divided into two parts. First, it's about taste on the tongue. Second, it's about the changes in China. These two parts are closely connected. We expect that audiences will learn about the love that Chinese people have for food and about the fast development of the Chinese social economy," states Chen Xiaoqing, general director of the documentary.

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                                     A Bite of China


Food documentary shows more than just cuisine

The hit CCTV documentary, A Bite of China, has reignited the Chinese passion for their cuisine. I would like to air several of my ideas. Initially, the documentary has preliminary become an influential cultural brand. Second, the cultural documentary, reported more like feature stories than ordinary news but more objective than films and music, is an efficient cultural dissemination platform. Third, we need to enrich the brand by involving more new cultural connotations; for example, food safety should be included in the next series.

Devotion to food culture is heart of national tradition

After watching the documentary, I began to realize how narrow my understanding of Chinese food was in the past. The documentary tells stories about food from the perspectives of the various people who pick, sell and cook the ingredients, which impressed me.

'A Bite of China': snack or real substance?

The hit CCTV documentary, A Bite of China, shown at 10:40 pm in seven parts in the past two weeks, has reignited the Chinese passion for their own cuisine. But does the documentary mark a new era of quality television documentary, or is it a one-off that succeeds off the popularity of its subject? The Global Times invited two commentators to contribute their thoughts.

                                   How Is It Shot

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The videos of A Bite of China

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