Residents in Guangdong say no to the garbage plant

By Tu Lei Source:Global Times Published: 2012-6-11 1:50:02

Hundreds of residents from two cities in South China's Guangdong Province again took to the street in the provincial capital of Guangzhou Sunday to show their concern over a plan to build a garbage incinerator, according to several postings on Sina Weibo Sunday.

"We do not want the garbage incinerator built in our city, and we have no better option but to stage this rally," a participant surnamed Hu from Qingyuan, a city neighboring Guangzhou, told the Global Times Sunday.

Hu said the Fenshui garbage incineration project near the boundary of the neighboring cities of Qingyuan and Guangzhou has vexed residents for its possible impact on resident's health and the environment.

"Only two months are left for the provincial environmental protection bureau to make a final decision on its location. The company they've selected also isn't qualified to build the plant, and there has been no open bidding for the project."

"Some 20 villages and three large residential communities are within 3 kilometers of the plant," according to a posting from a Weibo account that was opened to oppose the plant.

There are nine villages within 2.5 kilometers of the plant, the Guangzhou-based Nanfang Daily reported on May 30.

The first rally took place on the morning of May 23, when some 200 residents came to Guangzhou to show their displeasure. This time, "There were nearly 1,000 residents joining the gathering that lasted six hours," Hu said.

"Burying the garbage will take too much land, while an incineration plant is quite scientific and popular overseas," an official also surnamed Hu with the urban management commission of Guangzhou, told the Global Times. "We have made a thorough argument for picking the site and assessed the impact on the environment."

The Standing Committee of Guangzhou City People's Congress said in April that the city will build six garbage incineration plants over the next three years, and the location is to be finalized this year.

The city government said on May 22 that Guangzhou's population is expected to be 18 million in five years, and they will produce 18,000 tons of garbage a day, far surpassing the city's current handling capacity.

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