Death toll rises to 62 in Myanmar's riot-hit Rakhine state: official

Source:Xinhua Published: 2012-6-21 19:49:32

A total of 62 people have been killed in Myanmar's riot-hit Rakhine state from May 28 to June 21, a local government official told the local press media Thursday.

Rakhine State Security and Border Affairs Minister Colonel Htein Lin also told Xinhua in a telephone interview that the death toll includes a dozen more who were killed in the latest riot occurring in Yadae Taung township during the period from June 14 and 21.

The 62 victims also include an ethnic Rakhinese woman Ma Thida Htwe, who was raped and stabbed to death by three Bangali Muslims on May 28 and 10 other Bengali Muslims who were killed on the spot after being attacked on June 3, the sources said.

On charge of raping and murdering the local Rakhinese woman, the two accused out of three, identified as Mamed Rawphi and Lulu, were sentenced to death by the Kyaukpyu district court in the state on Monday.

Shaung Shu, another accused of involving in raping and killing the woman, committed suicide by hanging himself during detention in Kyaukpyu jail on June 9.

The criminal case in connection with the killing of 10 other Bengali Muslims has also been under investigation and the trial is reported to begin soon.

The series of bloody incidents triggered deadly unrest and violence in the Rakhine state starting with Maungtaw township on June 8.

Despite imposition of curfew on six areas in the state including Maungtaw and Sittway, the riot escalated, forcing the government to have to declare a state of emergency in the state on June 10 to contain the situation.

The situation in the Rakhine state is generally calm after the introduction of the measures.

In the riot, 2,230 residential houses were destroyed in fire, according to earlier report.

In the post-violence period, a total of 37 refugee camps have been opened in the unrest-struck state housing a total of 31,884 victims.

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