Syria says armed opposition fire at representatives of Red Cross, Red Crescent in Homs

Source:Xinhua Published: 2012-6-22 10:39:41

A Syrian foreign ministry source said Thursday the armed groups in central Homs province have undermined efforts to evacuate restive people and opened fire at a convoy grouping volunteers of Syrian Red Crescent and the International Red Cross.

The Syrian competent authorities have been trying over the past two days to enable the Red Cross and the Red Crescent to enter restive areas in Homs, said the unnamed source whose remarks were carried by state-run SANA news agency.

It said the armed groups have unveiled their criminal face by blocking the humanitarian help to reach the troubled people, noting that the Syrian government has not reneged on its promises in allowing in aid and evacuating restive people "but the armed groups have committed a crime by shooting at the joint convoy and by rejecting the evacuation of the sick and injured citizens."

The ministry source appealed to the head of the UN and the Human Rights Commission to shoulder their responsibilities in order to press those armed groups to comply with the "humanitarian logic."

The source reiterated the Syrian government commitment to preserve the safety of its citizens with the help of the international community.

Meanwhile, an official at the Syrian Red Crescent told Xinhua Thursday that a group of volunteers from the Syrian Red Crescent and the International Red Cross have not yet succeeded in entering restive areas of central Homs province, adding that it seems the armed opposition is divided over allowing the mission in or not.

Earlier in the day, head of the Syrian Red Crescent Abdul- Rahman al-Attar said that a group combining Syrian Red Crescent and International Red Cross was promised entry to Homs "by people on ground."

Attar stopped short of naming the armed rebels of being behind the hampering of the mission but said "I can't say who but you know better."

His remarks came just one day after the Syrian government granted permission to both humanitarian organizations to have access to restive areas in Homs, according to a statement obtained by Xinhua from an official source in the Red Crescent.

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