Taiwan backs Diaoyu activists as mainland urges Japanese restraint

Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2012-7-5 17:03:00

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Officials from Taiwan's Coast Guard Administration said five patrol boats had been sent to protect a boat, the Chuan Chia Fu and the nine people on it, after it sailed into waters close to the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea, in a move to strengthen sovereignty over the islands.
China urges Japan not to endanger safety of Taiwanese fishing boat
China has urged Japan not to take any action that could endanger the safety of Chinese lives and property following a Taiwanese vessel's entry to waters near the Diaoyu Islands, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on June 4.

Incident details:

●The boat named Quanjiafu with four Taiwanese activists left Taiwan at 11 pm on June 3.

●The boat sailed to the water 1.6 nautical miles to Diaoyu Islands in the morning of June 4.

●The boat left the area around 9 am on June 4.

●Five patrol boats had been sent to protect the boat by Taiwan's Coast Guard Administration.

●A Japanese coast guard aircraft spotted the boat about 37 kilometers southwest of the Diaoyu Islands. Taiwanese activists refuesd Japanese coast guards to get on their boat.


Official attitudes of China and Japan:

●The mainland has urged Japan not to take any action that could endanger Chinese lives and property following a Taiwanese vessel's entry into waters near the Diaoyu Islands, a foreign ministry spokesman said on June 4.
●Taiwan government refused to receive the protest from Japan. They said Taiwan's boats have the rights to sail to Diaoyu Islands
Japan ●Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura said, "We do not know their objective but whatever the purpose, we will definitely not tolerate the action of entering (Japanese) waters."

●A liaison team has been set up at the prime minister's office to maintain surveillance, he also said.

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Experts' opinions:

Sun Yingchun, a professor at the Communication University of China

These actions from Taiwan might deter Japan from coveting our territory, and it would also alleviate the relations across the Taiwan Straits, promoting cooperation between the mainland and Taiwan. Considering the fact that Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday made a repeat trip to one of the four Pacific Kuril islands, China should also ignore Japan's attitude when protecting our inherent territory.

Yoshifumi Nakai, professor of the Department of Political Studies at Gakushuin University in Japan

Whenever Japan mentions the Diaoyu Islands dispute, many from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong tend to unite to protest against the Japanese over the issue. Having authorities across the Taiwan Straits work together to fight Japan over the islands is what concerns Japan most. But this concern has been eased recently, after Taiwanese leader Ma Ying-jeou promised the Japanese that Taiwan would never work together with the mainland on this matter.

John K. T. Chao, professor of the Department of Diplomacy at National Chengchi University in Taiwan

Under the current complicated circumstances, authorities across the Taiwan Straits must work together first on solving the sovereignty issue, so that both parties can enjoy their maritime rights over the Diaoyu Islands. Taiwan also needs to remain alert to Japan's continued attempts to exchange fishing rights for the islands' sovereignty.

Chen Ou-po, a legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan

If the mainland wants to support Taiwan over the Diaoyu Islands issue, there is no reason to reject the help. The support from the mainland is very appropriate. If Taiwan can reunite with the mainland, the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands will belong to the Chinese people.


Illustration: Sun Ying Cross-Straits unity vital to defend Chinese interests over Diaoyu
Through these cross-Straits cooperations, the Diaoyu Islands' sovereignty and Chinese people's rights and interests there will be better protected, eventually leading to a peaceful and multi-beneficial development scenario.
Sinophobia gives Ishihara public boost
Given the improving relationship between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, it is quite conceivable that some sort of collaboration might ensue.

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