Gu's trial will test principle of rule of law

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-7-27 0:50:14

Gu Kailai (L). ( file photo)
Gu Kailai (L). ( file photo)

Gu Kailai and Zhang Xiaojun, an employee of Gu's, have been charged with homicide by the Hefei Municipal Procuratorate in Anhui Province, Xinhua News Agency reported Thursday. As Gu Kailai is the wife of Bo Xilai, a dismissed member of the Political Bureau, the case has drawn widespread attention. A trial held according to law will strengthen the Chinese people's confidence in the country's legal system.

The special background of Gu Kailai and the relationship between her case and the Bo Xilai case can easily trigger speculation in society nowadays. The social psychological and opinion sphere is quite complicated, and will linger throughout the trial.

The law should be the sole principle followed by the trial. No matter what impact the ruling will have, judges must be loyal to the law. This is a test of their commitment to the rule of law. Both the trial and the final verdict should reflect their consciences.

The trial will also test whether the principle that everybody is equal before the law truly stands.

Legal departments should disclose enough information regarding the trial to satisfy the public's demands. The more details are revealed, the more it will help build public confidence in China's legal framework.

It will be a landmark trial. So far, it has sent a message to society that nobody, regardless of his or her status and power, can be exempt from punishment if he or she behaves unscrupulously, especially if he harms another person's life.

China's progress is comprehensive. The public should have a general belief in this. When an incident occurs, however special it is, the imaginary "hidden rule" often doesn't exist.

Courts are coming under increasing scrutiny. Despite criticism, the law is functioning better in guaranteeing fairness in the country. Any unfair treatment in high-profile lawsuits can easily be spotted, ensuring huge risks. The Internet has brought a great deal of public attention to several sensitive legal cases and trials.

This time, speculation has been swirling. We believe the court can live up to the expectations of the public and deliver a fair trial.

This is a criminal case, and society should see it as one. The public should adopt this attitude. Every citizen is an ordinary person when sitting in the defendant's seat.

We may encounter more special cases in the future. Dealing with them based on law will gradually pave the way to a mature legal society.


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