China denies joining military drill in Syria Published: 2012-7-31 17:44:00

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The Ministry of National Defense (MND) denied foreign reports that China dispatched a destroyer to Syria to join the naval drill there, the Global Times reported Tuesday.

According to, the Egyptian daily Al-Shuruk reported Sunday that a Chinese destroyer sailed through the Suez Canal in Egypt into the Mediterranean Sea, and that the destroyer could be heading for the Syrian coast where four countries including China and Syria are reportedly holding naval military drills.

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Chinese destroyer enters Mediterranean via Suez

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 China’s visiting naval convoy, comprised of warships “Qingdao”, “Yantai” and “Weishan Lake” of the nation’s 11th naval convoy, enters the Suez Canal under the guidance of Egyptian ship navigators on the morning of July 27. Photo:
China denies joining military drill in Syria
The Ministry of National Defense (MND) denied foreign reports that China dispatched a destroyer to Syria to join the naval drill there, the Global Times reported Tuesday.
Russia to keep military base at Syria's Tartus: Navy commander
Russia would retain its military support base at the Syrian port of Tartus, Navy Commander Viktor Chirkov said Thursday.
Turkey increases military presence along border with Syria
Turkey has increased its military presence, including tanks and ground-to-air missile batteries, along the Turkish-Syrian border after some border districts of northern Syria fell into the hands of Kurds.

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The Ministry of National Defense (MND) denied foreign reports that China dispatched a destroyer to Syria, clarifying that the missile destroyer Qingdao was on its way to the Ukraine and not participation in the military drills, in a written reply to the question from the Chinese edition of Global Times on Sunday.

Song Xiaojun, a Beijing-based military expert, explained that all kinds of weird speculations are made over the normal visits of Chinese warships, as China does not stand with the Western countries over the Syrian issue.

Source: Global Times
Turkey continues military buildup on border with Syria

Turkey sent more troops, tanks and other military equipment on Monday to its border with Syria as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces hit Syrian second largest city Aleppo in air and land attacks, Turkish semi-official Anatolia news agency reported.

Armored infantry vehicles as well as missile launchers are among the recently-transported equipment deployed in Akcakale town of Sanliurfa province and Kilis province along the Syrian border, according to the report.

Source: Xinhua
Russia to keep military base at Syria's Tartus: Navy commander

Currently, there are 10 Russian warships, including large landing ships, and 10 more auxiliary vessels in the Mediterranean Sea, Navy Commander Viktor Chirkov said Thursday, stressing that these ships would not call at Tartus.

"Russian ships are not planning to call at the Syrian port of Tartus. They will continue to perform combat missions in line with their cruise plans, which were made in 2011," Chirkov said.

Source: Xinhua
In February, two Iranian naval ships sailed through Egypt's Suez Canal into the Mediterranean and docked in Syria, according to Iranian reports.
Source: Daily News Egypt

DOD confirms Middle East plans for USS Stennis

The Navy will deploy the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis and its strike group four months early and shift its destination to the Middle East, Department of Defense officials confirmed Monday. The Kitsap Sun announced the move on July 9 after the crew was told.

The Bremerton-based Stennis was scheduled to deploy at the end of the year to the western Pacific. It returned from the Middle East in March.

The accelerated deployment to the Middle East isn't aimed at any specific threat, nor is it a direct response to tensions with Iran, Pentagon press secretary George Little said.

Source: The Kitsap Sun

France and Britain will be participating later this Summer in war games codenamed Exercise Cougar 12. The games will be conducted in the Eastern Mediterranean, involving  Britain's HMS Bulwark and France's Charles De Gaulle carrier battle group.


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 Daily News Egypt Ministry of the Interior denies Chinese warship crossing at Suez

The Egyptian Ministry of the Interior has denied rumours that Chinese warships crossed the Suez Canal en route to Syria to deliver weapons. Chinese destroyer enters Mediterranean via Suez

According to the report of Iranian news agency Fars, 90,000 soldiers from the four countries will take part in the large-scale maritime war games, which will be held off the Syrian coastline.
The military maneuvers will include naval and anti-aircraft forces, as well as 400 aircraft, 900 tanks, Iranian submarines, minesweepers, warships and Russian destroyers.
Indian Express
Russian warships heading near Syria to carry out drills

The voyage and naval manoeuvres seemed designed to convey a message that Russian leaders would protect their interests in Syria, Russia’s most important relationship in the Middle East, even as they restrict new shipments of weapons to President Bashar al-Assad’s government until the conflict subsides, as military export officials had announced on Monday.

Turkish military convoys deploy at Syrian border

It was the latest in a series of deployments in the region in recent weeks. There is no indication that Turkish forces will cross the border, and the troop movements may be strictly precautionary in the face of spiralling violence in Syria.

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Syria claims rebel stronghold
The Syrian military stepped up its campaign to drive rebel fighters out of Aleppo on Monday, firing artillery and mortars while a fighter jet flew over a district the army said it had retaken the day before.

UN observer chief says first approach in Syria's Homs "positive"
The new chief of the UN Supervision Mission to Syria (USIS) said Monday that his first approach was "positive" after meeting with rebels and officials in Syria's Homs.

Iran to support Syrian gov't under any circumstances: speaker
Iran's Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani said Iran will continue to support the Syrian government under any circumstances, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported Monday.

Syria committed to implementing Annan's peace plan
Visiting Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem said here on Sunday that his government is committed to implementing the peace plan put forward by UN-Arab League joint envoy to Syria Kofi Annan.

Escalating battles produce massive refugees in north Syrian
Raging fighting in Syria's northern city of Aleppo have forced 200,000 Syrians to flee this week, and many more were trapped in the last two days, the United Nations said Sunday.

Conflict steps up in Syria, safety concerns lurk
The military pace of the Syrian crisis has become a lot hotter as both the government and opposition forces are entering into pitched battles in pivotal spots, plunging the war-torn country into further chaos and prompting other countries to withdraw their diplomats.

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