Middle-aged couple plan for role swap following sex change operation

Source:rednet.com Published: 2012-8-15 19:05:04

"I married my wife one year ago, and both of us want to swap our roles by means of sex reassignment surgery," said a man who wished to use the alias Chen Li.

Chen and his wife, who wished to use the name Jiang Ling, look and behave like any other middle-aged couple. When asked why they wanted transsexual operations, Chen said that he is an introvert who enjoys his wife's care and protection, while Jiang said she was fed up with her mother-in-law's bullying.

"I had never gone out of my parents' sight until I entered high school, and it's harrowing to depend on myself for everything. I need someone to count on," said Chen, "I want to be a woman so that Jiang can take care of me."

"I have been divorced before, so my mother-in-law is not satisfied with me, no matter what I do," said Jiang. "She would no longer be able to bully me if I become a man, and I am stronger than Chen, both physically and mentally."

The couple discussed their plan several times before making up their minds.

"We will give birth to a baby before our operations," said Jiang, "and we will continue our marriage after the surgery."


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