10 Palestinians killed in refugee camp in Syrian capital

Source:Xinhua Published: 2012-9-8 11:20:27

A total of 10 Palestinian refugees were killed Friday by armed groups in Syria's capital Damascus, the state-TV quoted the local committee of the Palestinian camp of Yarmouk as saying.

Several shells fired by armed men slammed into the streets of the Palestinian camp of Yarmouk in Damascus on Friday, leaving the casualties, the state TV said.

The TV said that the armed men also fired at the ambulances that have rushed to the scene to transport the injured, adding that a Syrian army unit is currently tracking down the armed men.

The Yarmouk camp is flanked by two hotspots: the Tadamun area and the Hajar al-Aswad. Both areas have been witnessing armed confrontations between the Syrian army and armed insurgent groups.

Dozens of Palestinian refugees in Syria had been reportedly killed in the chaos that has recently engulfed the capital.

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