Of aircrafts and national pride

Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2012-9-24 18:18:00

China's first aircraft carrier was delivered to the Chinese Navy at the port of Dalian on September 23, 2012. The carrier, built from the former Ukrainian vessel Varyag, is capable of carrying around 30 fixed wing fighters and helicopters and a crew of about 2,000. The hull number, "16," was painted on the ship recently. Around 4.40 pm, the Chinese flag was raised on the aircraft carrier’s mast, the PLA flag on its bow and the navy's flag on its stern. The aircraft carrier will sail out of Dalian port and the ceremony commemorating the ship going into service will be held soon

A Chinese military expert, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Global Times on September 23, that technically, the shipyard handing over the aircraft carrier to the navy means this ship is already in service, although it does not have the capacity to handles its tasks as it needs more adaptation to enhance its fighting capacity. Analysts said, based on the important meaning of this aircraft carrier for the Chinese army, there has been speculation that a very grandiose ceremony may be due to declare China’s first aircraft carrier entering service. According to the traditions of Chinese large ship going into service, the top leadership is likely to attend the ceremony. Analysts believe that China has chosen this time due to the escalating maritime dispute between China and Japan.

@可靠的烟灰缸:I’m so glad that China finally owns an aircraft carrier. We do not need to worry about its fighting capacity, technology, and advanced status. We should be happy because it points out that China is rising, a new chapter of history is starting and the old days are gone for ever.

The development of China’s aircraft carrier will be like China making important strides in space.

Although the aircraft carrier has been handed over, we still have many things to endeavor to do. We need to remember that after Zheng He’s expedition, we were not victorious in battle any more for 600 years, and this is by no means fortuitous.

No matter whether China wants it or not, the improvement of the ocean-going navy is necessary. History tells us that the situation of a country having unmatched military power and economic power cannot last for long. The results are: economic power makes up the gap made by military power, or military ruins the advantages made by economic power.

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