Aircraft carrier brings timely morale boost

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-9-26 1:35:03

China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, went into service yesterday. This is an important element in the comprehensive rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Besides improving the navy's combat capabilities in distant waters, an aircraft carrier can also bring other benefits. The commissioning of the aircraft carrier comes just in time.

China's navy is growing stronger. This process requires time. However, the Liaoning's appearance makes this process clearer. Indeed, the modernization of China's national defense still has a long way to go. But because of this achievement, we know that we have already made progress. We have confidence that we can continue to make similar achievements in the future.

A solid foundation for China's rise has been established.  The world expects China to be a promising power in the 21st century.

Only by combining the Liaoning with China's rise can we better understand its strategic significance. With an aircraft carrier, China's development seems faster in the eyes of the world.

Compared to the rest of the world, Chinese people are more uncertain when viewing themselves. We can only grope in the dark and learn from mistakes. The motivation for China's revitalization is very simple. We have been bullied for a long time. We want to regain normal development and national dignity.

As China develops, people from other countries are helping China summarize its ambitions. However, their summaries are empirical. Some of the summaries are hostile and malicious.

China is now reluctant and even anxious at being treated as playing a critical role in the redistribution of the power in the world.

China has blazed its own trail. No one can design a certain path of development.

We are facing a historical opportunity. However, at the same time, we also face mounting pressure that ordinary countries and nations needn't face. This seems more like our destiny than our choice.

Currently, it is better for us to take advantage of this opportunity than to hesitate or shirk. We should grasp our fate ourselves.

Facing a complicated situation amid our progress, our calm attitude and confidence are of utmost importance. We need more inspiration and spiritual strength.

The aircraft carrier is the milestone of China's construction of power. Hopefully, it will also be a psychological milestone for the Chinese people. We should say goodbye to our inferiority complex.

An aircraft carrier will enhance China's status in the South China Sea disputes. A stronger and confident China will promote balance and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. Parties in this region will be calmer by then.

China has entered the era of the aircraft carrier. It is not easier to learn how to use the aircraft carrier than to manufacture it. Hopefully, China will be a qualified aircraft carrier owner.

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