Political certainty in public’s best interest

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-9-29 0:50:03

The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee proposed on Friday that the 18th National Congress of the CPC would convene on November 8.

It was also announced that former Chongqing leader Bo Xilai has been expelled from the CPC, and removed from public office and that relevant evidence of his suspected violations of the law will be transferred to the judicial organs for handling.

The date of the Party congress and the handling of Bo, two topics that have drawn huge attention, have finally became clear.

The decisions once again prove the certainty of China's politics. The certainty of the top political affairs of China is the foundation of its steady advancement and is in the people's interests.

China has not been able to publish the progress of any major affair in a real-time manner. That explains the wide speculation on Bo's case and the special attention paid to the timing of the Party congress. Friday's decisions offer assurance for society. It is conducive to the current situation and also to the accumulation of political certainty.

The efficiency of the Party disciplinary organs and the country's judicial departments in handling the cases demonstrates the ability of the CPC Central Committee to reach a consensus on major issues.

Bo's case has been unprecedentedly followed and discussed by China's expanding online community, with diverse opinion on the Web that spreads despite attempts to control content.

The handling of the cases has been exerting deep influence toward the public's views. The consensus of the CPC Central Committee is expanding into a consensus of the Chinese society.

Chinese society has already displayed readiness for holding the Party congress. The CPC Central Committee is fully capable in leading the nation to overcome problems, unexpected events, and challenges, either domestically or overseas. This confidence has been reinforced.

China cannot expect to run anything, including politics, entirely smoothly.

The frenzy of public opinion before the congress may offer some materials for authorities to reflect on. Chaotic public opinion is a result of lack of information. The authorities' effort to ensure candid transparency on crucial information is the condition and prerequisite for forging a public consensus in the future. China will advance toward the disclosure of information.

The Party congress is the most important meeting in the world in terms of its impact on the future. It is in the fundamental interest of the people for the Party to convene smoothly. The congress is not only a decision-making process, but also the mobilization of society.

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