Chinese internet choked by “fake broadband” providers Published: 2012-10-8 17:07:00

Increasing numbers of internet users in China shelling out for faster broadband are complaining that they're not getting what they paid for. Over half of Chinese Internet users are hindered by "fake broadband", or slower download speed than advertised by internet providers.

According to a 2012 report by Data Centre of China Internet, a professional Internet survey organization and data platform, most users signed up for 2 and 4 megabyte bandwidth services (256kb/s and 512kb/s) in fact only clock at 142.2kb/s and 232.7kb/s respectively.

The root of the "fake broadband" phenomenon is the existing telecom oligopoly in China, which ultimately needs to be broken up in order to make progress, said the Beijing News.

@AliWill:What is the next step to resolve this problem? A CCTV report said if secondary service providers actually meet the terms of the contract and guaranteed the agreed bandwidth, they would lose money. How should we deal with this problem? Should every user go to court? Why don't the authorities take action? Should telecom operators change their business model?

@眼晶晶亮:Another problem! We are really good at finding problems rather than solving them. Every time problems appear, related administrative departments just pass the buck instead of thinking about how to cope with problems. As for the issue of who should monitor or regulate the issue of bandwidth, that is a separate discussion.

@博雅CC :While the US has already implemented a tangible plan for cloud technology, China is still bogged down with slow Internet and expensive broadband service. CCTV exposed the truth about "fake broadband", which comes as a slap in the face of the so-called beautiful blueprint for Chinese cloud technology.


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