Japan should halt diplomatic, military scurry on China's Diaoyu Islands

Source:Xinhua Published: 2012-10-15 15:48:00

All those concerned about the simmering tension between China and Japan have recently experienced a brief moment of relief at the news that vice foreign ministers of the two countries will sit together and talk.

However, the relief was short-lived, as atmosphere for the upcoming talks starts to sour after a series of moves on the Japanese side attempting to bolster its unlawful territory claim over the Diaoyu Islands.

While expressing his welcome to a preparatory meeting for the China-Japan vice ministerial-level talks, Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba announced on October 12 that he would visit Britain, France and Germany to push Tokyo's case with international partners.

Japan's diplomatic scurry over China's Diaoyu Islands does not end there: Gemba also ordered to compile a pamphlet asserting Japan's sovereign rights over the islands. The pamphlet, with 10 different editions, would be handed out by Japanese diplomats both at home and abroad, according to Japan's daily The Asahi Shimbun.

On the military front, aside from its extravagant navy showcase on Sunday, Tokyo seems set to proceed in November with a Japan-US joint drill simulating the "retake of a remote island from foreign forces."

Despite of the Japanese and US claims that the drill will not be directed to any specific island or country, it is widely interpreted that the war game targets China as the imaginary enemy.

Such moves indicate that Japan is playing the tricks of double-dealing with China, which honestly hopes that the two sides settle their disputes through negotiations at an early date.

Japan adopts a seemingly positive attitude toward the upcoming vice-ministerial meeting, while continuing to trot provocative steps in regard to the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands.

To prove itself a trust-worthy negotiation partner, it would be the first wise step to halt its diplomatic and military scurry concerning the Diaoyu Islands.

Tokyo should also abandon the illusion that China would bend its position on the sovereignty of the islands if more efforts are put into the persuasion of a third country of Japan's ill-founded claim over the islands, or into a military endeavor intended to intimidate China.

As China's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei has said, the Japanese side has to face the reality, admit its mistakes regarding the Diaoyu Islands and return to the right track of resolving the disputes through dialogue.

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