Woman makes off with iPhone, sends apples

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-10-23 18:50:03

A Taiwan man recently received four apples from a woman he met online after demanding that she return his Apple iPhone.

The man brought the case to local police, and said that he will drop the charges if the woman returns his phone.

According to a report on the Taiwan-based NOWnews website, the man surnamed Luo, 27, is an engineer in Hsinchu, and the woman surnamed Lin, 21, lives in New Taipei City.

Luo and Lin became acquainted in an Internet chat room at the end of last year.

In February, Lin went to Hsinchu to pray, and Luo accompanied her on her visit.

Lin told Luo that her phone was being repaired, and Luo gave her his second-hand iPhone 4 to use.

Lin said she would return the phone after one week, when her phone was returned to her.

But after one week, Lin gave an excuse that she had to go to southern Taiwan and did not return his phone.

The man later sent Lin messages inquiring about his phone.

Lin replied, "Do you ask me to return your apple?" Luo responded, "Yes."

Three months later, Luo received four apples from Lin.

When Luo tried to contact Lin about the fruit, she turned off the phone. Luo then went to local police with the messages and four apples.


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