Man breaks tooth on fried bread, is given more bread in compensation

By Peninsula Morning Post Source:Global Times Published: 2012-10-25 19:45:05

A young man from Liaoning Province recently broke his tooth while eating fried bread. Perhaps what's even more shocking than cracking a tooth on a piece of bread is being given two pieces of the very same bread as compensation.

The man's mother, surnamed Qi, brought home some fried bread sticks for her son's breakfast in Dalian on Tuesday. When the 27-year-old man took a bite, one of his teeth was broken. Upon examination, the man realized that there had been a small stone in the bread.

Qi found the couple who had sold her the bread in her neighborhood and asked them to bring her son to the hospital or give them compensation. Upon hearing this, the husband cursed Qi, while his wife gave Qi two pieces of fried bread as compensation. The couple then abandoned their stand and took all their belongings.

Qi hopes to have another discussion with the couple to get more appropriate compensation.

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