Congress content outweighs trivialities

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-11-1 0:25:00

The 18th CPC National Congress will begin next Thursday. The preparation for this event has reached its climax. Meticulous preparations are required due to the vast attention paid to the Congress. Police in many cities vowed to guarantee order and security during the meeting. Over 1 million volunteers in Beijing will join the effort.

Some netizens have cast doubts over such keen preparations, but this work will continue to be carried out as planned. As for whether China should be more relaxed toward the Congress and not be so cautious about the preparations, this is a matter for China's social governance and is not related to the core content of the 18th Party Congress.

This Congress is crucial, as it not only concerns the leadership change but the direction of reform and major national policies in the next decade. Its importance has even triggered some nerves in some specific sectors.

It's wrong to say that only officials care about the Party Congress as the public also places high expectations upon it.  Public discussion about the event has been commonplace since the beginning of the year, and even the pace of grass-roots economic and social activities has been tuned in to the Congress. The vast majority of Chinese people hope to see the Congress go well.

To work to create a favorable environment for a smooth Congress is a natural thing. This is part of China's political, social and cultural traditions. The police in Beijing began planning for the extra work they would face during the 18th Party Congress several years ago. People in other areas expect that entering Beijing may be tougher than before. Yet a minority remains uncomfortable with these facts.

Any incidents taking place during such grand events don't comply with traditional political culture. But this doesn't mean Chinese politics cannot afford incidents. Our society has seen many accidents and crises that were not supposed to happen before the Party Congress; they made some stirs, but finally increased flexibility to China's politics.

Preparations are being made for a favorable environment for the Congress, but risks remain. Small matters may receive more attention than usual in the days ahead, but will not be blown out of proportion.

The 18th Party Congress is to be held in the Internet era and this is a new experience. It is normal that various suggestions and discussions be offered up during the Congress. The intensity of these expressions of opinion is proportional to the importance of the event.

The content of the Congress is vital and the details of its preparation will dwindle with time. A diversified society will bring constant changes to public opinion and both officials and the public should adapt to this reality. The direction for China's development will remain unchanged and the cohesion brought by the Party Congress will be more critical than ever. For now, the Congress undoubtedly is at the center of this country's public life.

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