Govt and public must face future together

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-11-6 0:25:05

The upcoming 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has enormous importance for China's national success in the near future. Every level of society has high expectations for the Congress, and some even hope that the Congress will be able to solve all of the problems in China.

These expectations are unrealistic though, as China is not the same nation it was when major breakthroughs could be achieved with just a single policy.

The influence of the Chinese public is growing, especially the influence on the country's decision-making process.

The key to China being able to solve its complex problems is whether officials and the public will be able to cooperate effectively. 

The government's ability to mobilize the public and implement policies faces new challenges.

Diverse opinions and public supervision have restrained these capabilities to some extent.

The public hopes the government will hand power down to the lower levels of society, while at the same time it wants the government to tackle every problem.

China's current problems are not what they used to be during revolutionary times. They now stem from the conflicting interest groups within society.

The advantage of socialism is making one thing using efforts from all. In this new era, we should make use of this advantage and make sure democracy and fairness are achieved.

But when this principle is put into practice, conflicts may occur, and need to be tackled one by one.

Chinese society has become more diverse. The public is willing to enlarge this diversity, but finds it hard to maintain a consensus and common interests. Many think it is necessary to encourage opposing ideas. The weight of public opinion often criticizes demolitions and chemical projects without careful consideration. 

All these issues are telling us that China needs both the government and the public for the nation to progress.

Officials should know that the time when they were able to decide everything has passed. They can't work without any supervision. They should have a systematic approach and formulate policies to solve problems with help from the public, so as to balance power between the government and the public.

The public will eventually understand that the government can't solve all their problems alone. All of society should cooperate instead of getting in a confrontational situation, and all of society bears the obligation of whether China will be able to step into a better future.

The government should stop hiding all the bad news. The public should also not attribute every natural disaster or social unfairness to the government. We should be clear that the government is part of society and most of officials come from the public. They share the same fate.

The public's understanding of and support for reforms is vital. Cooperation is not only a wish, but should be achieved through long-term efforts.

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