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By Yin Lu Source:Global Times Published: 2012-11-8 21:20:06


Meeting someone at the 798 Art District is as easy as saying,
Meeting someone at the 798 Art District is as easy as saying, "What do you think of this one?" Photo: CFP
Wolves circle their prey at the 798 Art District.
Wolves circle their prey at the 798 Art District.
Common taste in books can help bookworms mate.
Common taste in books can help bookworms mate.
Houhai's romantic atmosphere. Photos: IC
Houhai's romantic atmosphere. Photos: IC

November 11 has over the last two decades become celebrated as Singles' Day in China, because the number 11 reminds Chinese people of two barren, lonely sticks.

Are you still a pathetic single digit, incomplete and still not blessed with the unparalleled joy and sense of completion that being in a relationship brings?

This weekend, take the initiative, get out of your apartment and make one last struggle to make a family with your barren stick. It will be easier than normal, because no one wants to attend a mirthless dinner party with all their loser single friends, or attend a single's night full of unappetizing leftovers.

Here is where to look:


Candy is dandy but…

The classic yet most practical method of picking up girls is taking them home after getting them drunk to the point that it can be an excuse the next day.

Sanlitun and neighboring Gongti is probably the most important nightlife scene in Beijing, and certainly the one that requires the least imagination. No need for a pretext. A smile or some aggressive booty grinding is all it takes to get things started if the chemistry is there.

Avoid Sanlitun Bar Street, which is full of con artists and thugs, and dangerous for foreigners, and go to the back street, between the Sanlitun North and South Villages, which is more welcoming, although not without violent incidents. But hey, you came out to take a risk, right? Note: ladies, you can just pretend to be drunk, it is safer.


With cocktails, dim lights, heavy makeup and pheromones in the air, you might need to take a second look at the person you have a crush on, because maybe the Rolex is fake or it's just the wine making them attractive. Or they may demand payment for what you thought was a free transaction. This is not the best place to find a reliable long-term partner.

Houhai Lake area

Historic encounter

Compared to the noisy and exciting scene in Sanlitun, Houhai is more elegant and carefree, at least during the day.

Alongside the lake are authentic Bejing hutong converted into modern bars and stylish boutiques. When the night falls, red lanterns and neon lights reflect on the lake, making the place seem even more charming and gentle, as long as you are deaf or can ignore the competing sound systems from each bar.

The day is the best time to chat, sit around and just enjoy some leisure time. Walk into any bar, and you might find a group of young Beijingers talking and laughing. Don't be shy to join them if you have this vibe and you may find your soul mate amongst them. They'll be impressed by your courage. You will also be unique, foreigners who aren't sightseeing are rarely found here.


Girls like men who can talk confidently. It cannot go wrong if you prepare a few topics beforehand. This is Chinese turf, so Chinese dating rules apply. Men, remember to look clean and splash out some money. Ladies, give the Chinese man lots of face and you won't be disappointed. Backpacker types and scruffy English teachers go elsewhere.


Fashionably laid

With a great number of large malls and unique clothing shops, Xidan shopping district is the fashion center and shopping paradise of Beijing.

Punk, chic, sweet, professional, lady, tomboy - all the dressing styles you can think of can be found on those gorgeous women and handsome men. People are here to make themselves look more attractive, but their guard is down because they aren't expecting to be picked up. 


Dress accordingly. Don't be the only one out of fashion.

798 Art Zone

I art you

With all the galleries, art studios, and fashion shops gathered in the 798 Art District, the artistic atmosphere there attracts many young people that are stylish, or at least those who pretend to be so.

Nothing says "I am a cool person into arts" better than a picture of yourself in 798 posted on Weibo.


Some people are cool, but others pretend to be cooler than they actually are, acting casual with a lit cigarette in hand. Rather than look down on poseurs, you should cherish them. They are easiest to pick up and manipulate, because they are insecure. 


Delta of Venus

If you are attracted to the intellectual type, go to the Wangfujing Bookstore, Zhongguancun Book Building, or indie bookstores, such as Danxiangjie and The Bookworm. You can find a domestic girl in the cookbook section, an ambitious man in the career training section, or a jazz lover like yourself in front of the shelves of CDs.


If you see a beautiful girl wandering down the aisle of book shelves, ask her what she thinks of Mo Yan. To make things easy, hang out by the self-help section with titles like The Rules or The Game.


Eager to learn

For years, the easiest place on planet Earth to pick up a student has been the basement bunker at Propaganda, particularly if you are a Korean or a person who loves them.  


Look for "language partner" signs on bulletin boards in cafés.

Guomao CBD

International trade

The hotel lounges and bars of Guomao are a good place to catch someone with money or at least ambition.


Men, dress to kill, spend to impress, and beware of stealth prostitutes. Ladies, this is best place to screen out those scrubs and find a man who knows how to make it in this world.


Shake it

Use apps such as Weixin and Momo to find nearby singles ready to chat by merely shaking your phone, or checking a list to see who is close by and active.


Get smart, get a smartphone.

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