Trans-Tasman intelligence sharing pact targets organized crime

Source:Xinhua Published: 2012-11-12 12:46:38

Law enforcement agencies in New Zealand and Australia Monday signed an agreement that will help police on both sides share information on organized crime.

Australian Crime Commission (ACC) chief executive John Lawler and New Zealand Police Commissioner Peter Marshall signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in Wellington to expand trans- Tasman cooperation.

"Improving national intelligence sharing between the ACC and New Zealand Police will enhance the international picture of organized crime and inform strategies to reduce supply, demand and harm to communities in both countries," Lawler said in a statement from the New Zealand Police.

"The signing of this MOU reinforces the need for law enforcement across jurisdictions and borders to work together in the fight against organized crime, particularly as organized criminals are more resilient and dynamic than ever before."

New Zealand Police director of intelligence Mark Evans said the agreement was commonsense as modern organized crime networks were agile and innovative.

"They have no respect for international borders and will operate wherever they can make money. New Zealand and Australia suffer from many common threats including drug trafficking, gangs, identity crime and issues such as cyber crime," Evans said in the statement.

"The responses required to address their offending need to be equally sophisticated and involve cross-jurisdictional cooperation. "

Both the ACC and New Zealand Police were working to develop further partnerships with international law enforcement agencies, said the statement.

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