Campus cuddle zones for couples

By Du Liya Source:Global Times Published: 2012-11-15 0:45:06

A well-known sexologist's bold suggestion that universities establish a special cuddle zone for student couples has been a hot topic on campuses with divergent views coming from students, administrators and psychologists.

Peng Xiaohui, deputy secretary-general of the World Association of Chinese Sexologists, and professor at the Wuhan-based Central China Normal University, said over the weekend in Chongqing that special campus dating zones will keep couples from making more overt public displays of affection in inappropriate places.

Peng added that the increasing number of couples on campus requires universities to provide them with their own public space.

"The school should meet the social needs of dating students. And the zone can reflect a university's openness to campus couples and also help prevent them from bothering others in public," Peng said.

"From a physical and psychological perspective, campus love is natural for students in their 20s. Schools should be active in providing service, instead of trying to limit them," said Peng, adding that the campus cuddle zones would open to the public and not provide complete privacy.

Web users expressed a wide range of attitudes toward Peng's suggestion.

Some college students supported the idea saying couples wanting to display their affections would no longer have to hide in a library or linger in classroom.

Others said dating is private and the school should stay out of it.

Some people thought the zones would encourage the administration to spy student behavior.

A psychologist who advises students from many colleges in Beijing, surnamed Shi, told the Global Times Wednesday that cuddle zones on campus are not practical and couples still have plenty of choices for their meet-ups.

"Facing with the fact that more students have become love birds, the school's administration should promote sex education in various ways and strengthen their moral education," said Shi, adding that self-discipline is better than imposing supervision.



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