Full text of Hu Jintao's report at 18th Party Congress (10)

Source:Xinhua Published: 2012-11-18 10:15:32

I. Our Work in the Past Five Years and the Basic Experience We Have Gained in the Past Ten Years
II. Achieving New Victory for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
III. The Goal of Completing the Building of a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects and Deepening Reform and Opening Up in an All-Around Way
IV. Accelerating the Improvement of the Socialist Market Economy and the Change of the Growth Model
V. Keeping to the Socialist Path of Making Political Advance with Chinese Characteristics and Promoting Reform of the Political Structure
VI. Developing a Strong Socialist Culture in China
VII. Strengthening Social Development by Improving the People's Wellbeing and Making Innovations in Management
VIII. Making Great Efforts to Promote Ecological Progress
IX. Accelerating the Modernization of National Defense and the Armed Forces
X. Enriching the Practice of "One Country, Two Systems" and Advancing China's Reunification

XI. Continuing to Promote the Noble Cause of Peace and Development of Mankind
XII. Making Party Building More Scientific in All Respects



X. Enriching the Practice of "One Country, Two Systems" and Advancing China's Reunification

Since their return to the motherland, Hong Kong and Macao have embarked on a broad road along which they and the mainland draw on each other's strengths and pursue common development, and the success of the "one country, two systems" principle has won global recognition. The underlying goal of the principles and policies adopted by the central government concerning Hong Kong and Macao is to uphold China's sovereignty, security and development interests and maintain long-term prosperity and stability of the two regions. We must fully and faithfully implement the principle of "one country, two systems," under which the people of Hong Kong govern Hong Kong and the people of Macao govern Macao and both regions enjoy a high degree of autonomy. We must both adhere to the one-China principle and respect the differences of the two systems, both uphold the power of the central government and ensure a high degree of autonomy in the special administrative regions, both give play to the role of the mainland as the staunch supporter of Hong Kong and Macao and increase their competitiveness. At no time should we focus only on one side to the neglect of the other.

The central government will act in strict accordance with the basic laws of the special administrative regions, improve work mechanisms for their enforcement, and firmly support the chief executives and governments of the two special administrative regions in governing the two regions in accordance with the law. The central government will firmly support them in leading the people from all walks of life in focusing on economic development, taking effective steps to improve the people's wellbeing, and advancing orderly and phased-in democracy as well as inclusiveness, mutual support and harmony. The central government will increase economic ties and trade between the mainland and the two regions, and promote exchanges and cooperation between them in all fields. The central government will also firmly support the chief executives and governments of the two special administrative regions in promoting the unity of our compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao under the banner of loving both the motherland and their respective regions and in guarding against and forestalling external intervention in the affairs of Hong Kong and Macao.

We are convinced that our compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao not only have the wisdom, ability and resourcefulness to successfully govern and develop the two regions; they can certainly also play an active role in national affairs and share with other people of all ethnic groups in China the dignity and glory of being Chinese.

To resolve the Taiwan question and achieve the complete reunification of China is an irresistible historical process. Peaceful reunification is in the best interests of the Chinese nation, including our compatriots in Taiwan. To achieve peaceful reunification, we must, above everything else, ensure peaceful growth of relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. We must adhere to the principle of "peaceful reunification and one country, two systems" and the eight-point proposal for growing cross-Straits relations and advancing peaceful reunification of the motherland. We must put into full practice the important thought of peaceful growth of cross-Straits relations, consolidate and strengthen the political, economic, cultural and social foundation for such growth, and create even better conditions for achieving peaceful reunification.

We must continue to adhere to the one-China principle. Although the mainland and Taiwan are yet to be reunified, the fact that both belong to one China has never changed. China's territory and sovereignty have always been indivisible and no division will be tolerated. The two sides of the Taiwan Straits should uphold the common stand of opposing Taiwan independence and of following the 1992 Consensus. Both sides should increase their common commitment to upholding the one-China framework and, on this basis, expand common ground and set aside differences. We are ready to conduct exchanges, dialogue and cooperation with any political party in Taiwan as long as it does not seek Taiwan independence and recognizes the one-China principle.

We should sustain cross-Straits exchanges and cooperation. We should deepen economic cooperation to increase common interests. We should expand cultural exchanges to enhance a common sense of national identity, and further people-to-people contacts to cultivate mutual goodwill. We should promote consultation on an equal footing and strengthen institutional building. We hope that the two sides will jointly explore cross-Straits political relations and make reasonable arrangements for them under the special condition that the country is yet to be reunified. We hope the two sides will discuss the establishment of a cross-Straits confidence-building mechanism for military security to maintain stability in their relations and reach a peace agreement through consultation so as to open a new horizon in advancing the peaceful growth of these relations.

We should encourage the compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits to unite and pursue a common endeavor. The compatriots on both sides belong to the same Chinese nation and form a community of common destiny bound by blood ties; and we have every reason to care about and trust each other, jointly advance cross-Straits relations, and share in the fruits of development. We will make every effort to do anything that will promote the common wellbeing of the compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. We should fully protect the rights and interests of our Taiwan compatriots and work with them to safeguard and build the common home of the Chinese nation.

We resolutely oppose any separatist attempt for Taiwan independence. The Chinese people will never allow anyone or any force to separate Taiwan from the motherland by any means. Any separatist attempt for Taiwan independence, which undermines the common interests of the compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, is doomed to fail.

Working hand in hand, we, the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, will surely accomplish the great cause of China's reunification in the course of our common endeavor to achieve the great renewal of the Chinese nation.

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