Full text of Hu Jintao's report at 18th Party Congress (11)

Source:Xinhua Published: 2012-11-18 10:16:06

I. Our Work in the Past Five Years and the Basic Experience We Have Gained in the Past Ten Years
II. Achieving New Victory for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
III. The Goal of Completing the Building of a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects and Deepening Reform and Opening Up in an All-Around Way
IV. Accelerating the Improvement of the Socialist Market Economy and the Change of the Growth Model
V. Keeping to the Socialist Path of Making Political Advance with Chinese Characteristics and Promoting Reform of the Political Structure
VI. Developing a Strong Socialist Culture in China
VII. Strengthening Social Development by Improving the People's Wellbeing and Making Innovations in Management
VIII. Making Great Efforts to Promote Ecological Progress
IX. Accelerating the Modernization of National Defense and the Armed Forces
X. Enriching the Practice of "One Country, Two Systems" and Advancing China's Reunification

XI. Continuing to Promote the Noble Cause of Peace and Development of Mankind
XII. Making Party Building More Scientific in All Respects



XI. Continuing to Promote the Noble Cause of Peace and Development of Mankind

The world today is undergoing profound and complex changes, but peace and development remain the underlying trends of our times. The global trends toward multipolarity and economic globalization are deepening. Cultural diversity is increasing, and an information society is fast emerging. New breakthroughs are in the making in the scientific and technological revolution. Global cooperation is expanding at multiple levels and on all fronts. Emerging market economies and developing countries are gaining in overall strength, tipping the balance of international forces in favor of the maintenance of world peace. All this has created more favorable conditions for ensuring general stability in the international environment.

On the other hand, the world is still far from being peaceful. The global financial crisis is producing a far-reaching impact on the world. World economic growth is overshadowed by growing factors of instability and uncertainty, and imbalance in global development has widened. There are signs of increasing hegemonism, power politics and neo-interventionism, and local turmoil keeps cropping up. Global issues such as food security, energy and resource security and cyber security are becoming more acute.

Mankind has only one earth to live on, and countries have only one world to share. History teaches us that the law of the jungle will not lead to the coexistence of human society and that the arbitrary use of force cannot make the world a better place. To pursue peace, development and cooperation and oppose war, eliminate poverty and avoid confrontation in order to build a harmonious world of enduring peace and common prosperity - this is what the people of all countries long for.

We call for promoting equality, mutual trust, inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutually beneficial cooperation in international relations and making joint efforts to uphold international fairness and justice. In promoting equality and mutual trust, we should observe the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, and support equality among all countries, big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor. We should advance democracy in international relations, respect sovereignty, share security, and uphold world peace and stability. In promoting inclusiveness and mutual learning, we should respect diversity of civilizations and development paths, respect and safeguard the rights of all peoples to independently choose their social system and development path, learn from others to make up for our shortcomings, and advance human civilization. In promoting mutually beneficial cooperation, we should raise awareness about human beings sharing a community of common destiny. A country should accommodate the legitimate concerns of others when pursuing its own interests; and it should promote common development of all countries when advancing its own development. Countries should establish a new type of global development partnership that is more equitable and balanced, stick together in times of difficulty, both share rights and shoulder obligations, and boost the common interests of mankind.

China will continue to hold high the banner of peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit and strive to uphold world peace and promote common development.

China will unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development and firmly pursue an independent foreign policy of peace. We are firm in our resolve to uphold China's sovereignty, security and development interests and will never yield to any outside pressure. We will decide our position and policy on an issue on its own merits and work to uphold fairness and justice. China is committed to peaceful settlement of international disputes and hotspot issues, opposes the wanton use of force or threat to use it, opposes any foreign attempt to subvert the legitimate government of any other countries, and opposes terrorism in all its manifestations. China opposes hegemonism and power politics in all their forms, does not interfere in other countries' internal affairs and will never seek hegemony or engage in expansion. China will continue to keep in mind both the interests of the Chinese people and the common interests of the people of all countries, get more actively involved in international affairs, play its due role of a major responsible country, and work jointly with other countries to meet global challenges.

China will unwaveringly follow a win-win strategy of opening up and promote robust, sustainable and balanced growth of the global economy through increased cooperation. We are committed to narrowing the North-South gap and supporting other developing countries in enhancing their capacity for self-development. China will strengthen coordination with other major economies on macroeconomic policy and resolve economic and trade frictions with other countries through consultation. China upholds the principle of balancing rights with obligations. We will take an active part in global economic governance, promote and facilitate free trade and investment, and oppose protectionism in all its forms.

China is committed to growing friendship and cooperation in all fields with other countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. We will improve and grow our relations with developed countries by expanding areas of cooperation and properly addressing differences with them; and we will strive to establish a new type of relations of long-term stability and sound growth with other major countries. We will continue to promote friendship and partnership with our neighbors, consolidate friendly relations and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with them, and ensure that China's development will bring more benefits to our neighbors. We will increase unity and cooperation with other developing countries, work with them to uphold the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries and support efforts to increase their representation and voice in international affairs. China will remain a reliable friend and sincere partner of other developing countries. We will actively participate in multilateral affairs, support the United Nations, G20, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRICS and other multilateral organizations in playing an active role in international affairs, and work to make the international order and system more just and equitable. We will take solid steps to promote public diplomacy as well as people-to-people and cultural exchanges, and protect China's legitimate rights and interests overseas. We will conduct friendly exchanges with political parties and organizations of other countries and encourage people's congresses, national and local committees of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, local governments and people's organizations to increase overseas exchanges so as to consolidate the social foundation for enhancing China's relations with other countries.

The Chinese people love peace and yearn for development. We are ready to work with the people of other countries to unremittingly promote the noble cause of peace and development for mankind.

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