Indonesian volunteers keep staying in war-torn Gaza

Source:Xinhua Published: 2012-11-19 15:35:31

Indonesian volunteers working in Indonesia-relief aid project in Palestine's Gaza keep staying in war-torn area despite bombs that shelling around the projects, assuring the operation of the project for the Palestinians right on schedule, an official said here on Monday.

Jose Rizal Jurnalis, chairman of Indonesia's Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) said that the organization would not evacuate its 28 volunteers involved in Indonesia-initiated hospital project located in Bayt Lahiya, North Gaza, Palestine.

The project, called Indonesian hospital, is an Indonesia's relief aid for Palestinians.

"Our volunteers have stopped their works since five days ago. They are now taking shelter in the basement section of the construction. Those volunteers would not be evacuated out from Gaza whatever the situation is," Jose told a press conference here.

He said the project is located in the war-zone, 2 kilometers away from Palestine-Israel border. Part of the intention to build the hospital in such a location was to provide quick medical treatment for Palestinians victimized by frequent arm conflicts between military and militias in the two areas.

He added that the volunteers have pledged their commitments to settle the project right on schedule.

"The construction project was scheduled to be accomplished within a year. With installation of medical equipment, the hospital will be ready to serve in 1.5 years. So it is hoped that the hospital can commence its service later next year or early 2014," Jose said.

He added that construction of the hospital began in April this year. The volunteers already entered Gaza strip in May and November 2011.

He said that the volunteers are safe in the basement and still making regular contacts with them despite intensifying bombing from the Israeli troops around the project site that has been happening in the last four days. Reports said that around 50 Palestinians have perished since the first day of the latest Israeli attack to Palestine.

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