Heartbroken ex-boyfriend goes on million-yuan spending spree

Source:Agencies Published: 2012-11-22 23:45:05

A man resigned from his job and vowed to spend 1 million yuan ($160,500) within a week, just a month after he had gotten his heart broken, the Qianjiang Evening News reported Wednesday.

The young man, who graduated from Zhejiang Normal University five years ago, had moved to Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, so he could be together with his girlfriend.

To save up for his marriage, he had been tightening his belt to set aside a million yuan, squeezing funds from his salary and the money he earned through foreign trade.

However, his girlfriend cheated on him, destroying his previous plans to get married in August.

The devastated man decided to try the things that he had never indulged in before, such as buying a car, going to bars, and traveling around before starting his new business in Ningbo.

He bought a Cadillac SRX for 400,000 yuan on Tuesday, just 20 minutes after entering the dealership. Salesmen were thrilled at the incredibly quick, and lucrative, sale.

The man said he will drive his new car to Sichuan and Tibet.

His behavior has drawn the attention of netizens, with some saying that he is being impulsive while others support his bravery.

Qianjiang Evening News

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