Canadian volleyball star’s foul play over subway security dodge

By Yin Yeping Source:Global Times Published: 2012-12-3 23:50:04


Two passengers pass through the security check at Xidan Subway Station. Photo: Li Hao/GT
Two passengers pass through the security check at Xidan Subway Station. Photo: Li Hao/GT

An online video has landed a Canadian member of Beijing BAIC Motor Volleyball Club in hot water, after it showed him appearing to avoid the subway security check.

Club staff said Monday they would strengthen their management on their players following public criticism of player Fred Winter's actions at Dongdan Subway Station on Subway Line 5.

In the 10-minute video, fellow expat player Steve Brinkman recorded a humorous take of his daily life in Beijing set to music, showing him training, walking on the streets and commuting on the subway with Winters.  

As they arrive at the subway station, Winters and Brinkman, who is filming at the time, appear to deliberately avoid the security check, Winters saying "I walk through it everyday but no one stops me."

Cao Zhiren, deputy general secretary of Beijing Volleyball Team Association said although posting a film of avoiding the subway security check is inappropriate, it might have something to do with cultural differences.

"We'll educate him [Brinkman] more about public transport regulations in China and ask him to take the video off the Internet," he said.

Brinkman and two other expats joined BAIC Motor one month ago, said Cao. 

Xing Shenshen, an employee of BAIC Motor, said he did not know of the video.

"There might be some issues we need to tackle regarding the management of our expat players," he said.

Brinkman told the Global Times that he did record the video and posted it online. 

"I posted it online because it's easy for me to show it to my friends at home in Canada," he said, "but it was really just a bit of a joke with no other intention."

With regard to the security check, Brinkman said he did avoid it from time to time.

"Sometimes we're running a bit late and forgot we have the bag to check, so we just tried to catch the train," he said, adding that sometimes the security guards stopped them and sometimes they did not.

"It should be more strict," he said.

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