New guidelines for leaders a fresh start

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-12-5 1:00:04

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) passed eight guidelines in a meeting yesterday, including improvements to their working style and relationship with the public, which won public applause.

These guidelines target members of the Political Bureau. They show the determination of the CPC top leaders to set themselves as an example.

The Central Committee used to issue regulations aimed at cutting reports on top leaders and reducing ostentatious behavior, the effects of which did not last long.

But today, public opinion has been transformed in China. If top leaders cannot deliver what they have promised, the public will not remain silent. The Political Bureau must have thought about this. We believe its determination to do something concrete is sincere.

If the Party wants to improve its working style, it must be carried out from the top level to the local one. If the work from the top level is not carried out well, problems may emerge from the bottom.

Although the eight guidelines are mainly targeted at members of the political bureau, its effects will be felt by Party leaders at various levels. It is crucial that the leaders at all levels have a tacit understanding of these guidelines and follow them.

China has been developing rapidly, while it meets unprecedented pressure and challenges. The next decade is key for China's future prospects. The decision made by the Political Bureau is based on China's current situation and will prove significant.

The intense criticism of the public against the Party and the government has produced positive results. Once authorities have made the commitment, they will have to carry it out.

The eight guidelines, with details, are easy to put into practice and supervise. The successful implementation will have influences that affect the entire Party and the government.

Less than one month since the 18th Party Congress concluded, the new leadership have displayed a fresh new working style.

This move came more swiftly than the public expected. The anti-corruption measures and the new stipulations regarding working methods have been put forward ahead of the public opinion. The Party has retaken the initiative.

But the adoption of these policies may meet trouble as they are implemented nationwide.

It is hoped that the supervision over the process can also guide public opinion. It is a new test for the self-discipline of the ruling party, as well as an opportunity to improve internal supervisory mechanisms within the Party.

If it succeeds, it will significantly transform the political atmosphere of the country. It is a fresh new start.

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