Health care know-how: breaking down Beijing’s international and local hospitals

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State-of-the-art MRI at a Beijing hospital Photo: Courtesy of Oasis Healthcare
State-of-the-art MRI at a Beijing hospital Photo: Courtesy of Oasis Healthcare

In March this year, Oasis Healthcare, a new private hospital, opened near the 798 Art Zone's north gate on Jiuxianqiao Lu. Among several long-established hospitals and clinics fashioned with the expat community in mind, Oasis is the newest addition to international-standard health care in the capital.

But in a city where newness is often venerated over tradition, and the fact that cost and affordability play a major role when deciding where to go for various treatments, what options does a newcomer to Beijing have when seeking medical attention in a foreign country? Metro Beijing takes a look into the top hospitals in town. (Keep in mind, however, that all prices mentioned do not include tax or initial consultation fees.)

International Hospitals

1. Beijing United Family Hospital

Founded in 1997 as a joint venture between two enterprising American women and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing United Family Hospital was the first hospital in Beijing to receive accreditation from the Joint Commission International due to its state-of-the-art facilities and medical services. On staff are more than 100 multilingual physicians from more than 20 countries. Be prepared to fork out for top-notch insurance or be faced with a hefty bill.

Consultation fee: 900-1,500 yuan (depending on nature of visit and time taken for consultation).

Health checks: 4,000 yuan

Abortion: 10,000 yuan

HIV testing: 600 yuan

Dental: 440 yuan

2. SOS International (formerly AEA International)

SOS providing 24-hour emergency services as well as routine care visits. The Lido-located hospital specializes in family-friendly medical care. A staff of well-trained physicians speak a variety of languages to better serve patients from all over the globe. SOS has prices that make top-of-the-line insurance a must-have, because without it, even a short, quick consultation can produce a painful dent on your credit card bill.

Consultation fee: 1,160 yuan

Health checks: 2,960  yuan (for under-40s), 3,290 RMB (for over 40s), 6,490  yuan (comprehensive)

Abortion: Not offered

HIV test: 1,000 - 1,800  yuan

Dental consultation: 890 yuan if registered (not including 400-500 yuan for initial visits)

3. Bayley & Jackson Medical Center

Founded in Hong Kong in 1958, Bayley & Jackson Medical Center provides a wide range of services including dental, health check-ups, paediatrics, general surgery and TCM. Since its inception, BJMC has developed into an across-the-board medical facility accepting over 40 major international insurance plans.

Consultation fee: 500  yuan

Health checks: 1,250  yuan (basic)

Abortion: Not offered

HIV testing: 374 yuan

Dental evaluation: 454 yuan

Local Chinese Hospitals

Beijing has literally hundreds of local hospitals that are more than competent at dealing with minor health care issues. However, if you're still not convinced, some have VIP services set up with English speaking, foreign-trained doctors to cater  for the expat community specifically.

1. China-Japan Friendship Hospital

Despite its now-contentious name, the China-Japan Friendship Hospital is a stalwart of medical care in the capital. Opening its doors to Beijingers in 1984, it was initially built with grants from the Japanese government. It is a fully-functioning hospital and led the charge against the SARS virus in 2003. Expats can head to the international wing, with a staff of English-speaking physicians.

Consultation fee: 300 yuan

Health checks: 2,000  yuan

Abortion: 4,000 yuan

HIV testing: 250  yuan

Dental: 200-300  yuan

2. Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Built by the Rockefeller Foundation 91 years ago, Peking Union Medical College Hospital has long held the reputation of the flagship hospital of Beijing. It even served as the primary medical facility for ailing athletes during the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Needless to say, PUMCH's facilities and services certainly will live up to your international standards, and at very different prices from international hospitals. PUMCH also has a specialized department with English-speaking staff, committed to serving the medical needs and emergencies of the foreigner population living in Beijing.

Consultation fee: 4 yuan

Standard check up: 10 yuan

Abortion: 70 yuan

HIV test: 50 yuan

Dental: Not offered

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