Official's face printed on locally produced fireworks

Source:Xin'an Evening News Published: 2012-12-18 21:20:09

A local official's image has been printed on anti-counterfeit labels for fireworks and firecrackers in Lixin county, Anhui Province, the Hefei-based Xin'an Evening News reported.

According to an online post on Saturday, the man on the labels is Chen Kefei, director of the Supply and Marketing Cooperative of Lixin county.

A fireworks and firecrackers vendor in the county said that these labels first appeared at the beginning of this year. "It's rare. I have never seen an official's image printed on labels before." Some locals have found it a bit strange to see a person's image printed on the explosives.

Chen confirmed that the face on the labels is his, but said the decision to use his image was not for the sake of self-promotion, but to cut down on imitation products.

Xin'an Evening News

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