BeiDou deserves genuine public support

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-12-28 0:39:06

The second generation of China's navigational satellite system, known as BeiDou, officially began providing services to the Asia-Pacific region yesterday. This marks the first step for the entry of high-tech Chinese infrastructure into the market. The development of BeiDou will be the cornerstone of China's participation in the international advanced technology industry.

Having a satellite navigation system is of great strategic significance. The US GPS system already has a dominant position globally. Russia's Geluonasi navigation system was created to maintain Russia's independence and strategic security in the field of satellite navigation. However, there are many uncertainties in the future development of the Geluonasi system due to Russia's small domestic market.

China's situation is totally different from Russia. China has a large market, where the BeiDou system can benefit both the military and civilians. With increases in profit, the BeiDou system will be able to eventually develop into a global navigation satellite system which can compete with GPS.

All beginnings are difficult, and this is the case with BeiDou. Besides government support, society should also firmly support it. We appeal to the company operating the BeiDou system to seriously cooperate with terminal manufacturers and equipment companies geared toward civilian use to develop cheaper and more practical navigation terminals. They should help people learn about BeiDou and teach them how to use it.

We also appeal to Chinese consumers to firmly support BeiDou and be users of this system. BeiDou can represent China's advanced technology; it has improved the quality of China's modernization process. Support for Beidou can build the Chinese people's collective competitiveness.

BeiDou is a latecomer in the field of satellite navigation. However, it is not a second-class product or a carbon-copy of GPS. It has its own innovations and it gives more consideration to the needs of Chinese users.

Some problems may be found in its operation because BeiDou is a new system. Chinese consumers should remain clear-headed regarding our country's long-term interests, and show tolerance toward the BeiDou system.  In the final analysis, the strength of Beidou cannot be separated from broad participation from Chinese society. Besides market users, such participation should also include people supporting our country's scientific and technological progress.

For China, which has developed later than many other countries, progress means challenging advanced global forces. The success of State-level projects depends on the determination and will of all of society. China's ability to compete with developed countries in terms of advanced technology is growing. BeiDou is one of China's players in this competition. All Chinese consumers should applaud it. The whole country backs the development of BeiDou.

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