Subway doors close on woman’s hair

Source:Agencies Published: 2013-1-3 20:19:06

A woman had to remain in the same position for nine stops after train doors shut on her hair while she rode subway line 2 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, on Tuesday.

A witness surnamed Zhao said she noticed that a female passenger stood leaning toward the closed doors of the train, barely moving her body. She discovered that her hair had gotten caught between the doors of the train.

"I thought the doors would just open up at the next station, but after Hanjiang Station, only the doors on the opposite side of the train opened. So she had to stand upright the whole time," said Zhao.

The woman looked anxious and kept calling the police. She tried to ask for help from the driver, but she gave up because he was too far from her. Fellow passengers tried to free her, but all in vain.

When the train arrived at Changqing Park, two policemen boarded the train to help her.

According to local police, after they received the first call from the victim, surnamed Wang, they sent officers to the specified subway station. But by the time they arrived, the train had moved to the next station. They called Wang but no one answered, so they searched for immobilized women along the line.

The local subway company said the line is full of passengers every day. Passengers should obey posted safety guidelines, and women with long hair should be careful when they get on trains, according to the company.

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