Yellow light rule violators get temporary reprieve

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-1-7 9:07:00

Drivers who ignore yellow traffic lights will mostly receive warnings and education, and for the time being, they will not be penalized, the Ministry of Public Security announced Sunday.

According to the newly-revised traffic rules that took effect on Jan. 1, those who ignore yellow lights, which warn passengers to slow down before the light turns red, should receive penalties and fines.

However, since the "harshest-ever" traffic rules have taken effect, drivers have complained to the ministry about the rules on the yellow light.

Some drivers and netizens have complained that the rules run contrary to the laws of physics, as vehicles travelling at normal speeds can not stop within seconds of seeing a yellow light.

The ministry said the new traffic rules have been effective in regulating driving behaviors, reducing traffic violations and preventing major road accidents.

In order to maintain traffic order and safeguard people's lives and property, the ministry said it will study the public's suggestions on yellow lights and make further regulations on traffic light violations.


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