China donates sewing machines to help Fijian women

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-1-17 14:37:50

The Fijian Government will this week receive a total of 600 sewing machines donated to the Ministry of Women by China.

Minister for Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation Dr Jiko Luveni said the 600 sewing machines would be provided to women groups particularly those who had lodged their requests with the ministry.

"The sewing machines have multiple economic benefits, women can develop their sewing skills, make school uniforms for the children and their families, generate income as well," she said.

The official handing over ceremony of the sewing machines from the Chinese Embassy was expected next Monday.

Last year the Ministry had distributed over 1,900 sewing machines and assessment showed that these women groups have not only benefited themselves, but also helped others to start tailoring businesses and helped raise their family's income.

Earlier on Luveni reportedly told The Fiji Times newspaper that empowering women economically and supporting them in self- development would eventually lead to the growth of Fijian communities.

Luveni said the ministry was committed to empowering women by supporting them to become economically independent and to earn for their families through their sewing projects.

"China has assisted the ministry by providing sewing machines for women's groups to learn and develop sewing skills and to sell their products at the end of the day," said Luveni. She said the Chinese government had been assisting the ministry in various ways and that was an opportunity to show the delegation how the resources received from China were being put to good use.

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