China urges resumption of Iran nuclear talks

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-1-25 19:27:33

China on Friday called for a resumption of the six-nation nuclear talks with Iran, noting China has been holding a flexible and open attitude toward the venue of the talks.

"China has always believed the content of talks is far more important than the venue," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a routine press conference.

"China hopes the involved parties can exercise their flexibility and hold the next round of consultations as early as possible", Hong said, pledging that China will continue to maintain communication with the other parties involved.

The new round of talks will help maintain the momentum of diplomatic resolution to the tensions and serve the interests of the involved parties, the spokesman said.

Iranian media reported on Wednesday that the talks would be held on January 28-29, adding the venue had not yet been agreed.

The last round of talks was held in Moscow about five months ago.

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