Central African Republic's national unity govt formed

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-2-4 16:07:39

A decree released on Sunday by the Central African Republic's President Francois Bozize named Michel Dotodjia Am Nondroko, the leader of the Seleka rebels, as deputy prime minister and minister for national defence of the transitional government.

The second deputy prime minister, colonel Anicet Parfait Mbaye, is a member of the presidential majority camp. Having served as the transport minister in the previous government, Mbaye will now hold the position of minister for foreign affairs and African integration.

The transition government which was formed 15 days after the appointment of Nicolas Tiangaye as the prime minister, has 33 members, including a prime minister, two deputy prime ministers, 23 ministers and seven deputy ministers.

The members of the new government came from five entities which signed the Libreville peace agreement on January 11. They include the presidential majority camp, the Seleka rebel coalition, the democratic opposition, the non-armed political grouping and the civil society.

Prime minister Tiangaye who came from the democratic opposition, will also hold the finance minister's position. His deputy will be Dieudonne Tokofeisse.

The first deputy prime minister Michel Dotodjia, who is also the national defence minister, will be deputized by Antoine Gambi.

The chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Enoch Derant Lakoue, who is part of the presidential camp, will be in charge of the Economic Planing and Cooperation ministry.

The Post and Telecommunication ministry will be held by Me Henry Pouzere from the democratic opposition, while Mohamed Moussa Dahfane from the Seleka coalition will serve as the Water and Forestry minister.

Former territorial administration minister Josue Binoua will now serve as the Security and Public Order minister. Jacques Mbosso will retain the position of Justice minister.

Prince Emilien Yeguida Dangu was appointed to the position of Mining and Energy minister, while Herbert Djono Ahaba from Seleka coalition was appointed to the position of minister for Geology.

Dorothee Aimee Malenzapa from the presidential camp will now become the minister for Rural Development. Others are Marie Madeleine Nkouet who now becomes the Public Health minister while Theodore Jousso the Transport minister.

The Education minister will be Marcel Loude, while the Higher Education minister will be Christophe Gazambeti. Trade unionist Sabin Kpokolo from the civil society was named as the Public Service minister and Amalas Amias Haroun the Commerce minister.

Tourism ministry will be held by Abakar Sabone who is from the non-armed political grouping. Joachim Kokate from the same group becomes the minister for Small and Medium Size Enterprises, while Marie Madeleine Moussa Yadouma becomes the Social and Family Affairs Minister.

Andre Ringui Le Gailard from the non-armed political grouping will now become the Urban Planing minister, while Davy Yama from the presidential camp will become the Housing minister. Edouard Patrice Ngaessona who is equally from the presidential camp will now become the Youth and Sports minister. The minister for the general secretariat of government will be Maurice Yondo.

According to the terms of the Libreville peace agreement, the national unity government has a one-year renewable mandate. The legislative elections are scheduled to take place in 2014.

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