Change of venue bid fails for labor camp mom

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-2-6 1:08:01

A local court in Central China's Hunan Province is expected to hear the case of a mother of a young rape victim who is suing local authorities for detaining her in a re-education-through-labor camp.

The Yongzhou Intermediate People's Court is expected to hear the case within a "legal timeframe," said the court and the plaintiff, Tang Hui, on Tuesday, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Tang had asked the Hunan Provincial Higher People's Court for a change of venue, to prevent interference from Yongzhou authorities. 

Last year, Tang campaigned in front of government buildings seeking harsher punishments for those found guilty of raping her then 11-year-old daughter in 2006 and forcing the girl into prostitution.

The provincial higher people's court turned down her motion and the case will be held in the Yongzhou Intermediate People's Court.

If Tang believes local court staff may interfere with the case, she can ask them to recuse themselves, a Yongzhou court official told Xinhua.

Tang is demanding 1,463.85 yuan ($235) in compensation from the local re-education-through-labor authority for infringing on her personal freedom.

She is also seeking 1,000 yuan for psychological damage and a written apology.

Police took Tang to a labor camp in August 2012 where she was ordered to serve an 18-month term for "seriously disturbing social order and exerting a negative impact on society" through her protests, according to Xinhua.

Following a public outcry, Tang was released eight days later as authorities said her daughter needed her mother.


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