Japan’s commerce with Cambodia up

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-2-7 23:58:01

Bilateral trade volume between Cambodia and Japan amounted to $641 million last year, up 25 percent compared with $512 million a year earlier, a report by the Japan External Trade Organization showed Thursday.

Last year, Cambodia's exports to Japan were valued at $406 million, up 32 percent from $307 million a year earlier, while Japan's exports to Cambodia were $235 million, up 15 percent from $205 million, the report said.

The  main products Cambodia shipped to Japan were garments, sugar, fish and seafood. In return, the country bought machinery, automobiles, electronic products, meat, iron, steel and pharmaceutical products from Japan.

On the investment side, Japanese firms have begun to focus their investment in Cambodia in recent years. According to Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia Masafumi Kuroki, Japanese investors have invested about $300 million in Cambodia in the last three years.

Kuroki said that Japanese investors' confidence in Cambodia has increased thanks to Cambodia's full security and political stability.

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