Beijing smog contains toxic organic compounds: research Published: 2013-2-17 16:30:00

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Toxic organic compounds were discovered in the smog that blanketed the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area for almost all of January, according to the Beijing Times.

Nitrogen-enriched organic particulate matter, the same toxin responsible for 800 deaths in Los Angeles smog in 1943, was detected during research conducted by Chinese Academy of Sciences.

                    Causes & Origins

cause smog

Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences

                  Organic Pollutants


2.17 organic pollutants
Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences

                   Similar Events

  London smog

December 1952
Location: London, UK
Deaths: upwards of 12,000, according to recent recalculations
Reason: widespread use of poor quality coal with high sulfur content
Result: The Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968

london smog
 Los Angeles photochemical smog

Location: Los Angeles, US
Deaths: over 800
Reason: automobile emissions
Result: Los Angeles set up the first local air pollution department and started issuing emissions permits.

la smog
Source: Agencies

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