Russia unveils Arctic strategy until 2020

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-2-20 20:58:55

Russia on Wednesday unveiled its Arctic development blueprint, highlighting energy exploration, infrastructure upgrading and national security.

The document, signed by President Vladimir Putin, envisages the development of Russia's Arctic zone until 2020 and beyond with an aim to secure the country's interests and national security.

According to the document, published on the government website, a number of risks and threats to the national interests exist in the Arctic in the field of social sphere, economy, technology and environment.

Solutions to these problems could be reached via development of energy resources and metal deposits in the continental shelf and coastal areas, and economic integration of the Arctic zone into Russia's other well-developed regions.

The document also proposes development of the Arctic sea, air and ground transportation system capable to function all year round, which requires construction of railroads and highways and modernization of airports.

Infrastructure construction in the Arctic will help diversify export routes of Russian energy resources to global markets, says the document.

Last August, the Russian government announced a long-term exploration program of the Arctic shelf's energy resources.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said his country, a member of the Arctic Council, would earn 8 trillion rubles ($266 billion) after the program was implemented.

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