Locals forget Learn from Lei Feng Day

By Zhang Wen Source:Global Times Published: 2013-3-6 0:38:01

A majority of people questioned Tuesday said they did not realize it was Learn from Lei Feng Day, and had not done any good deeds on purpose. 

In a small survey of 20 people Tuesday, 75 percent said they believe that Lei Feng was a real person who did many good deeds, while the rest were doubtful of the existence of such a flawless person.

But although 70 percent admitted they did not know Tuesday was Lei Feng Day, most respondents said that dedicating March 5 to Lei Feng is meaningful as it promotes a healthy social atmosphere.

Lei Feng was a People's Liberation Army soldier who died on August 21, 1962 by being hit by a falling pole. He was held up to be model example of a selfless person. 

"It might help remind people to help others, particularly in cities like Beijing, where people think twice before they help an elderly person get up after they fall down," said accountant Sun Xin, 26.

Wang Rui, a 13-year-old student in Chaoyang district, said "he must be real, otherwise where do those Lei Feng's diary we learnt from our text books come from? And where did Chairman Mao's inscription about Lei Feng come from?"

"The day is educational to the young, but for us, it means little, we have heard too much about it and don't feel anything anymore," said Yuan Xishu, a 62-year old worker.

To honor the 50th  anniversary of Chairman Mao's call to "Learn from Comrade Lei Feng," Beijing Lei Feng post office was launched at the Zizhuyuan branch office Saturday, and commemorative stamps were released, the Beijing Evening News reported.

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