Panda porn helps female get in the mood for love

Source:Agencies Published: 2013-3-14 19:28:01

After several failed attempts to get it on, a pair of pandas in Chengdu were able to successfully mate after watching a specially tailored "adult video," or panda porn.

According to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, this marks the first time that such a video was able to affect a female panda, thus offering a new way to promote natural mating among giant pandas.

Kelin, the female panda, and Yongyong, the male panda, synchronized their mating schedules on Sunday. The two made melodious sounds to each other from their separate cages to show affection. Researchers then put them in the same cage and waited in the hope that nature would take its course. But the 5-year-old Kelin had just reached maturity and didn't know how to cooperate. The pair ended up exhausted after several failed attempts.

An idea occurred to the researchers, and they placed a television in Kelin's cage and showed her an "adult video" of the panda world. Such a tactic has been successful for male pandas but had not been used with females. Kelin was captivated by the video and didn't miss a single frame even as she lay on the ground exhausted. When the video was over, Kelin seemed to know the drill, and mated successfully with Yongyong. An hour later they even tried a second time.

Researchers explained that since estrus for pandas is short, if handled improperly, Kelin could have missed her chance to mate for the year.

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