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Source:Global Times Published: 2013-3-14 19:28:02

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Tongue-in-cheek query

A question on the recent dumping of thousands of dead pigs in the Huangpu River that was posed to the Ministry of Civil Affairs during a Wednesday press conference has drawn massive online buzz.

"I heard that it was because farmers couldn't afford the high price for cremation so they dumped the pigs into the river. Is that true?" asked a reporter with the Time Weekly.

Minister of Civil Affairs Li Liguo replied that there are basic and optional funeral and interment fees, and that charges for basic services are set and supervised by the government to ensure they are reasonable, and basic services are covered for those with low incomes.

Netizens slammed Li for veering from the subject of the question. "Officials seem to be only able to speak according to a computer program, disregarding the question," said Web user Bainianfoyi.

Song Yangbiao, the reporter, published a statement later explaining that the question was a joke, and he used the dead pig incident to bring up the high cost of cremations. He said he was satisfied with Li's answer, especially since he got the point immediately.

Many netizens said that they also "got the point" and Li had responded pretty well, but some still considered the metaphor inappropriate. "I can understand his motive, but the inappropriate sense of humor will bring misunderstandings and hamper the interests of both parties. Minister Li's answer was decent, though the majority of people misunderstand the situation," said Web user Tonybear.

Generation war rages on

A video showing an old man beating a young girl on a crowded bus because she did not give up her seat to him has spread online recently and incited an uproar.

The incident was confirmed to have happened Sunday on the No.89 bus in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The old man hinted that the girl should give up her seat and when he demanded to know why she wouldn't, she said she did not notice him. The man cursed the girl, then beat her violently before getting off the bus.

Most netizens criticized the man's violent behavior, saying he is not above the law because of his age.

"The girl should give up her seat as social morality suggests, but the violent old man is in the wrong and should apologize because he's broken the law," said Web user Wfuzi.

"Many older people have a false sense of privilege but morality won't simply grow with your age. Moral acts like giving up seats are encouraged but should never be forced," said netizen Martintiger.

"Many a time such moral rules are distorted and exploited. Why must young people make a sacrifice under any circumstances, even when they are ill or tired?" said lastR.

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