Leadership certainty guides China’s path

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-3-14 23:48:01

The National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, has elected Xi Jinping as China's President and Chairman of the PRC Central Military Commission. Zhang Dejiang has been elected as Chairman of Standing Committee of the NPC and Li Yuanchao as the country's Vice President. The once-a-decade power handover has been smooth, which consolidates certainty in China's leadership.

A systematic shift of power in the CPC and the country is the foundation for political stability in China. A gradual and steady establishment of such a system represents a breakthrough for both the socialist system and Chinese history. It shows the strength and wisdom of China's reforms as well as the width and depth of the reforms.

Certainty has been lacking in many countries, while the certainty ensured by China's leadership is valuable. Xi's election as China's top leader will pave the way for the country to tackle domestic and international problems.

The message of the "Chinese dream" sent by Xi is the latest consensus reached by Chinese society. The certainty in China's politics will be extended to society. China is in an open era when transformations take place in all aspects of society which can lead to uncertainties. China needs to unite all of society during this period.

While China holds firm to its political path, every step of the reforms will trigger public discussion. But talk about the methods of reform is totally different from talk about the country's development path. Some people mistakenly believe that the uncertainty at the individual level represents uncertainty over the country's political strategy. With certainty being strengthened and extended to all of society, the situation is improving.

China needs to further open itself up. Therefore, it needs a powerful leadership to unite society. Many countries did not get the relationship between these two needs correct, which resulted in turbulence or a deadlock. China also faces tests from the two. If China is to turn its complexity into the driving forces of its development, it must handle this issue perfectly.

The Central Committee of the CPC, with Xi as the general secretary, has shown the leadership's determination. Their decision-making capabilities have echoed society's urgent demands. Despite its various problems, China has lofty ambitions.

The next decade is key to realizing the "Chinese dream." China cannot stop developing or fighting corruption. Social unity is the key to how China can stand against complex international affairs. External pressure will not leave room for China to relax its vigilance but will only try to seek benefits from China's internal problems.

China has problems, but now we have more leverage to solve these problems. We believe China's future is assured under Xi and the CPC's leadership.

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