Chinese sailor set to finish solo world sailing in nine days

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-3-25 13:16:20

Chinese sailor Guo Chuan is expected to return to Qingdao, east China, and finish his solo non-stop sailing around the world on April 3, according to his supporting team Monday.

"I am closer and closer to hometown, and it's the last stage I should be more careful of, especially the fishing nets," Guo said over a satellite phone.

Guo released off a drift bottle into the sea on March 20, the day that he sailed into the South China Sea.

There was a note in the bottle which stated Guo's contact way and the introduction of his world sailing.

Guo had released off two same drift bottles before. The first one was put into the sea when he crossed the equator and sailed to the Southern Hemisphere on Dec. 4 last year, and the second one was released on Jan. 19 when he got around the Cape Horn.

Guo expected someone will pick up the bottle and contact him.

The 47-year-old Guo, the first Chinese sailor to have taken part in the Clipper Round the World (2006) and the first Chinese to complete the Volvo Ocean Race (2008-2009), set off his world sailing from Qingdao on Nov. 18 last year.

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