Two separate blasts at mine claim 34

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-4-2 0:53:01

A coal-mine gas explosion left six people dead and 11 missing in Jilin Province on Monday, three days after a similar blast killed 28 miners at the same site.

The latest incident happened around 10 am at the Babao Coal Mine in Jiangyuan district in the city of Baishan, said a spokesman with the provincial government.

Rescue work is ongoing, and the cause of the accident is being investigated.

The Babao Coal Mine, a State-owned colliery under the Tonghua Mining Group, was hit by a gas blast around 10:40 pm Friday, killing 28 and injuring 13 others.

Initial investigations showed that a safety team consisting of 41 technicians was sent underground to repair a reported gas leak when the accident happened on Friday.

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