Bridging Gap in Management Education between East and West

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-4-3 0:48:01

The Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), headquartered in Beijing, is taking its insights about China's business and economy to the West following its success in educating Chinese business leaders during its first 10 years of history.

The school recently began offering programs about doing business in China, and with China, to business leaders in North America and Europe, with partners like Columbia Business School, Judge Business School of Cambridge University, and IMD.

CKGSB is one of the best known business schools in the Chinese mainland primarily because many successful business leaders have graduated from its programs designed for senior and top management.

Those Chinese business leaders include Mr Fu Cheungyu, chairman, SINOPEC, China's largest company by revenue and fifth largest globally; Mr Li Dongsheng, chairman and CEO, TCL, the world's sixth largest producer of televisions; Mr Lin Zuoming, CEO, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, China's leading aerospace company and a future player in the global aviation market; Mr Jack Ma, founder and chairman, Alibaba Group, one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world; and Ms Wang Xin, president and COO, Sohu.

As a matter of fact, despite its short history since it was established in November 2002, CKGSB's alumni hold top positions at one-fifth of China's most valuable brands and shape more than $1 trillion in annual revenue. They include more than 2,500 chairmen and CEOs from CKGSB's Executive MBA and executive education programs.

CKGSB attributes it success in China largely to its world-class faculty—who are recruited from the ranks of senior faculty members at top business schools around the globe—as well as the school's focus on original research, which generates unrivaled insights into the Chinese economy and business environment.

Most of CKGSB's professors are native Chinese with PhDs and tenured faculty positions at top international business schools such as Wharton, Harvard and Stanford. They provide unique insight into China, combining a deep knowledge of the country with a global perspective. CKGSB professors are global authorities in their fields and recognized for their original research. Its faculty ranked sixth globally from 2006 to 2011 in per capita number of publications appearing in top academic journals.

Built on its success with educating business leaders in China, and leveraging its world-class faculty and insights, CKGSB has accelerated its global reach in the past three years, and is now becoming a preferred choice of global business leaders from the West. For example, in recent years, its Global Business Strategy: China (GBSC) program has been successfully offered in New York with Columbia Business School, and in Cambridge with Judge Business School of Cambridge University.

Both have attracted business leaders in Europe and North America by offering critical insights for elite cohorts of entrepreneurs and corporate executives seeking to understand the global implications of China's economic transformations. In 2013, a similar program will be offered in Switzerland with IMD.

CKGSB has also successfully offered customized programs to the top management of large corporations in Europe and North America. One example is its Boardroom China Briefings program, which was provided in 2012 to nearly 20 of the most senior partners of Clifford Chance, one of the world's top law firms.

When interviewed after the program, Mr Malcolm Sweeting, senior partner, said, "We could go and talk to the leading European business schools. We could go and talk to the leading US business schools. But if you want to get a view on globalization through a China lens then it is much more valuable for our senior management to come to Beijing to listen to the views of experts at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, because that gives us the perspective we need to make very important decisions around our business."

While China learned modern management theories from the West over the past 30 years, ever since its opening up to the world in the late 1970s, CKGSB is now leading the way to help the West better understand China's business and economy, and especially their implications for the business executives of global companies. 

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